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Amblyopia is commonly referred to as lazy eye. It is a visual condition that is manifested by reduced vision in one eye, which is not correctable by wearing just glasses or contact lenses, despite a clear image on the retina. Amblyopia is brain maladaptation that is often the result of long-term suppression of one eye’s signal that may be out of focus (because of an unequal refractive error) or an eye turn (strabismus). While historically it was felt that nothing could be done about amblyopia after a certain age, new research and clinical experience have shown that strabismus and amblyopia can be treated successfully well into adulthood. This is known as neural plasticity. Once the appropriate spectacle lens correction is given, amblyopia is often treated by penalizing the good eye by wearing a patch for a few hours a day or by using Atropine eye drops to blur the good eye’s image. Combined with appropriate vision therapy activities, stimulating the brain in a systematic way can begin to reverse the amblyopia and help the brain to use both eyes as an efficient team.


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