A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens that occurs with age. At first, cataracts have little affect on vision, they usually progress very slowly, but occasionally can be quicker, depending on the type of cataract. Eventually, cataracts cause a blurring of vision that interferes with your ability to see fine details, drive, or watch television.
Although there is no unanimous consensus as to the cause of cataracts, reseachers are slowly identifying factors that increase your risk to develop cataracts. Those risks include: UV exposure, diabetes, smoking, air pollution, and heavy drinking. Research also shows that diets high in anti-oxidants can delay the onset of cataracts.
Early on, the use of spectacle lenses can improve vision to a satisfactory level.
When glasses are no longer able to provide adequate clear vision, a surgery can be performed to remove the cloudy lens from the eye, and replace it with a clear silicone implant.

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